Trove Johor Bahru

TROVE Johor Bahru is opened its doors to guests in Johor’s booming capital on 18 December 2018, making it the fourth hotel to be launched under the Care Luxury Hotels & Resorts (CLHR) Management Group.

TROVE Johor Bahru’s 283 themed rooms are spread across 27 floors - Local Love pays homage to the local heritage of arts and crafts in pop art style; Straits Affair invites you to discover Johor Bahru’s early significance as a trading post; Into the Woods lets you escape into Johor’s natural heritage; Fun with Geometry showcases traditional designs and motifs with a modern twist and Precious Moments lets you experience local luxury in an array of well-appointed rooms. Each sanctuary commands a magnificent view of the Johor Bahru city skyline and captures the splendor and charm of Johor’s storied past, an excellent starting point to explore the city.

The quality of local and international cuisines offered at the dining outlets within the hotel is enhanced with the skilled knowledge of the dedicated kitchen team. The culinary offers at TROVE Johor Bahru caters to all discerning taste buds, from fine international fusion food at Lada & Clove and casual drinks by the pool at Le Bar. Innovative menus and buffet promotions have been initiated to provide guests with diverse culinary concepts and unique dining experiences.