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The Purchasing Officer works directly and is responsible to the Purchasing Manager. He/she is responsible to assist the Purchasing Manager on all purchasing functions.


·         To assist the Purchasing Manager on all purchasing function i.e.,


Ø  Sourcing products.


Ø  Negotiating for best price but not sacrificing quality.


Ø  To evaluate and select suppliers and keep a supplier profile.


·         Daily ordering of goods.


·         Comparing prices on all products.


·         Check all quotations submitted by suppliers and verify the prices. A minimum of three quotations should be obtained for any item with the exception of regulated items.


·         Prepare comparative statement of tenders received and check the prices quoted and submitted by the bidders.


·         Provide constant and accurate feedback to the Purchasing Manager with regard to market conditions, product availability, and seasonality’s and price trends.


·         Inform the Purchasing Manager and Chef regarding sudden price fluctuation of heavily consumed food items.

·         To do random checking on the quality of goods delivered to Receiving Department.

·         Market survey as and when required.

·         To set standard specification on all major products.

·         Timely update of quotation for all inventory items and food and beverage supplies.

·         To keep trace on delivery.

·         Establish and maintain recording systems.

·         To coordinate with Food and Beverage Department on promotional activities.

·         To report on financial benefit/gain on change of new brand.

·         To do testing/tasting with the Chef on new products.

·         Carry out market surveys with Purchasing Manager and compare prices in the market with those quoted by the supplier.

·         To perform other duties as may be assigned by the Purchasing Manager.

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