Housekeeping Coordinator

  • Trove Johor Bahru
  • Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
  • Nov 24, 2022
Full time Housekeeping Deparment

Job Description

· Arrange and manage supplies store

· Ordering of the department IQ/PQ system

· Answer and handle phone call

· Track record of all issues into the log book of clerk

· Run and support all supplies for HK operation staff

· Maintain sanitation and hygiene of the housekeeping office

· Maintain self-sanitation and hygiene and grooming

· Handle, record and track lost & found, following TROVE’s SOP

· Coordinate with Public Area, Floor Maid, Team Leader and Supervisor

· Record and track guest’s laundry, room linens and staff’s uniform

· Support all concern department

· Run sold room reports, verify room status, determine discrepant rooms, prioritize room cleaning, and update status of departing guest rooms.

· Assist Housekeeping management in managing daily activities.

· Act as a liaison to coordinate the efforts of Housekeeping, Maintenance, Front Office, and Laundry. Document and resolve issues with discrepant rooms with the Front Desk.

· Prepare and distribute assignment sheets/workboards to Housekeeping staff.

· Record, monitor, and update list of ‘Do Not Disturb' rooms.

· Ensure that vacant dirty rooms are cleaned by the necessary time and assign rush rooms and rooms previously on the ‘Do Not Disturb' list.

· Complete required Housekeeping paperwork.

· Speak with others using clear and professional language; prepare and review written documents accurately and completely.

· Enter and locate work-related information using computers.

· Perform other reasonable job duties as requested by Supervisors.

· Report work related accidents, or other injuries immediately upon occurrence to manager/supervisor.

· Speak to guests and co-workers using clear, appropriate and professional language.

· Answer telephones using appropriate etiquette including answering the phone within 3 rings, answering with a smile in one's voice, using the callers' name, transferring calls to appropriate person/department, requesting permission before placing the caller on hold, taking and relaying messages, and allowing the caller to end the call.

· Exchange information with other employees using electronic devices (e.g., pagers and two-way radios, email).

· Talk with and listen to other employees to effectively exchange information.

· Discuss work topics, activities, or problems with coworkers, supervisors, or managers discreetly and quietly, avoiding public areas of the property.

· Provide assistance to coworkers, ensuring they understand their tasks.

· Prepare and review written documents (e.g., daily logs, business letters, memoranda, reports), including proofreading and editing written information to ensure accuracy and completeness.

· Assign and ensure work tasks are completed on time and that they meet appropriate quality standards.

· Develop and maintain positive and productive working relationships with other employees and departments.

Contact Maintenance directly for urgent repairs.