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F&B Supervisor

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A.    Duties and Responsibilities, Administration


  1.  Be on-site as functions demand, acting as the contact person for groups when the Director of Sales is unavailable.

  2.  Handle client complaints immediately. If unable to, contact the F&B Manager for resolution.

  3.  Timely completion of function bills.

  4.  Assisting with planning and attending special events when required.

  5.  Keeping all parties informed of the status of each ongoing function.

  6.  ensuring all contracted items are delivered on time.

  7.  Assisting in achieving the department’s maximum profitability and overall success by controlling cost and quality of service.

  8.  Attendance and participation at weekly F & B meeting.

  9.  Must have a complete knowledge of fire procedures.

10.  Participation in Manager on Duty shifts as required.

B.    Duties and Responsibilities, Operations


  1.  Inform the appropriate persons of the need of supplies to meet the operations needs.

  2.  Co-ordinate room set-ups.

  3.  Co-ordinate the general housekeeping of the entire Food & Beverage department.

  4.  Preparing bar inventory for functions, including opening and closing inventories, accurate bar summaries and cash deposits.

  5.  Maintain bar control policies.

  6.  Assure completion of requisitions where deemed necessary.

  7.  Completion of weekly schedule and shift duties while:

        a.    Maintaining a labor cost below the maximum of 15%.

        b.    Ensuring adequate and consistent levels of service

  8.  Ordering and purchasing of beer, wine, liquor, premix canisters and canned soft for catering and vending.

C.    Product Quality


  1.  Consistent check of Banquet Food and Beverage quality.

  2.  Consistent check of Banquet services.

  3.  Consistent check of Banquet Plate presentation.

  4.  Ensuring that services meet customer specifications.

  5.  Accurate and affective meeting and banquet room set ups as outlined in the Function Contracts.

  6.  Maintaining immaculate condition of all areas occupied by the Food & Beverage department.

  7.  Ongoing awareness of all areas occupied by the catering department and completion of maintenance request forms for necessary repairs.

  8.  Report and deficiencies to management

D.    Customer Service


  1.  Liaise with the Sales Manager and the Director of Sales to ensure all client needs and requirements will be met.

  2.  Provide quick service for last minute changes.

  3.  Check food and beverage or coffee break schedule if applicable.

  4.  Inspection of all meeting rooms and prior to guest arrival ensuring that client specifications have been met.

  5.  Assuming responsibility of service of all functions catered by your hotel

  6.  Handle client complaints and problems.

  7.  Maintaining “I Can Do It” Service Standards

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