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F&B Captain

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Main Duties:


Ø  To welcome and seat diners ,advising each on choice of food and beverage and their order

Ø  To organize and manage their time team: organizing their work and training new staff members recruited

Ø  To organize the layout of the dining room to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Ø  To co-ordinate with the kitchen

Ø  To ensure that customer and the way its serves their meals

Ø  To ensure that customer are satisfied with the service they receive

Ø  To promote customer loyalty through the quality of the service receive

Ø  To ensure health and safety rules are complied according to the hotel standard

Ø  To manage stock

Ø  To ensure the continuity of the equipment supplied for his or her use

Ø  To ensure and impress the clients on experiential dining


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