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Front Office Executive

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The daily tasks front office assistants are required to perform vary depending on the type of office they’re in, the main clientele being served, and the number of staff members who work in the office. However, there are many core duties associated with this job that are universal to all front office assistants:

Answer Phones

Front office assistants assist the receptionist with answering incoming phone calls.

Schedule Appointments

Front office assistants schedule appointments as requested.

Sort Mail

Front office assistants sort incoming mail so it can be given to the proper recipient. This includes keeping outgoing mail organized and getting it ready to be sent out.

Route Calls

Front office assistants route calls to the appropriate individual or department as needed.

Greet Clients

Front office assistants greet incoming clients, patients, or customers as they enter the office.

Listen to Voicemail

Front office assistants listen to office voicemail and make notes to record the pertinent information from these messages.

Clerical Tasks

Front office assistants perform a variety of clerical tasks, such as filing, copying, and organizing paperwork.

Maintain Inventory

Front office assistants maintain the office inventory, restocking items, and making note of inventory shortages when needed.

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