Assistant Account Manager

RM4,000 - RM4,500 monthly
  • Iconic Hotel
  • Iconic Hotel Penang, Jalan Icon City, Bukit Tengah, Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia
  • Jul 10, 2024
Full time Finance Department

Job Description

1.0 Job Summary

1.1 To be accountable for all the financial activities of the hotel which include financial controls, protection of company's assets, accounting operations, preparation of financial reports and the management of the annual budget.

2.0 Duties And Responsibilities

2.1 To direct all the daily financial matters of the hotel.

2.2 To supervise the work of all the accounts staff of the department which encompasses credit control, accounts receivable & payables, general ledger, purchasing, costing/store control, cashiering and the preparation of financial reports.

2.3 To ensure that the accounts are properly kept in accordance with set policies and procedures.

2.4 To ensure that all the sales receipts are banked into the hotel's bank accounts.

2.5 To monitor cash flow of the hotel.

2.6 To monitor expenses and ensure that they are within budget.

2.7 To review internal control mechanism and recommend changes to tighten security.

2.8 To vet contracts and agreements and ensure that the hotel is not disadvantaged.

2.9 To provide statistical data required by the government and statutory bodies.

2.10 To liaise with the external auditors on the annual audit of the hotel’s account.

3.0 Area of Responsibilities

To provide a high level of financial services to internal and external customers which meet the standards and expectations required of the position.

To control the fixed assets of the hotel covering their acquisitions and disposals.

4.0 Preferred Knowledge/Qualification/ Experience

Degree/Diploma in Finance/Accounting or Professional Accounting qualification, minimum of 5 years’ experience in a similar position.

5.0 Financial Responsibility

To ensure that the department discharges its role within the approved manpower budget.

6.0 Training and Development

6.1 To ensure that all staff are properly trained for the tasks they are performing.

6.2 To supervise staff on their daily work.

6.3 To be responsible for staff retention and take appropriate measures in furtherance of staff stability.

7.0 Other Assignments

To carry out any other duties assigned by the Management from time to time.