Team Leader (餐厅领队)

RM2,000 - RM3,500 monthly
  • Sojourn Guest House
  • Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Oct 20, 2022
Full time F&B Department

Job Description

本職位之主要目的(Job Purpose):


To be the central organizers who keeps the restaurant operate regularly, to assist supervisor  to manage the restaurant, to be responsible for leading basic level stuff, to execute works that supervisor and assist supervisor ask to do, to provide the best F& B service for customers, to execute and to assist basic level stuff to finish every work according to the SOP, to assist supervisor to collect customers advices, and to build the outstanding image altogether, to help customers to order and checkout, know the feature of the restaurant, and to improve them consume there.


本職位之主要工作內容(Job Item):

1.       帶領服務員清理餐廳、檢查餐廳,保持清潔無汙
          Leads the waiters and waitresses to clean up the dining room, to inspect the dining room, and
          maintain the cleanliness in it.

2.       檢查所有生財器具均為清潔、良好可用  
          Check all appliances cleanly and if they are good to use.

3.       檢查各工作臺之調味備品是否充足 
          Check all flavoring on the table is whether sufficient.

4.       檢查完成每日營業前所有餐桌、餐具擺設及其它準備工作 
          Check and prepare the tables, settings, and other preparing works.

5.       準備每日營業報表給店長 
           Prepare the business report each day to assistant manager.

6.       參加店長所作之每日簡報 
          Attend briefing each day with supervisor and assist supervisor

7.       負責被分配之責任區內,各項作業正常操作及人員正常調度狀況 
          Be responsible for the duty area, and check every operation and stuff is regular.

8.       隨時詢問客人對於餐飲之反應,收集優劣意見反應給店長    
          Inquired as necessary the guest response regarding the dining, and collect fit and unfit quality
          opinion to
supervisor and assist supervisor

9.       顧客結帳時,有禮而很清楚、快速無誤的為顧客結帳  
          When the guest pays a bill, with courteous, clear, fast and unmistakable to finish the accounting.

10.     下班之前,負責餐廳內物品歸放及消防安全檢查  
            Check all things are settled down and fire control is well before getting off duty.

11.       參加定期之在職訓練,並于平時訓練所屬員工
            Participates in the regular in-service training, and to usually trains the respective staff.

12.       協助基層員工面對突發狀況,如抱怨處理,並立即報告店長善後處理
            To assist basic level staff facing the sudden outbreak, such as complaint processing, and
            reports to the person in charge to deal with problems immediately.

13.       協助立帳卡,登記、管理本餐廳所保管之物品,配合執行盤點事宜 
             To assist to build up accounts cards, register and manage things that are took care of in the
             restaurant, and make inventory.

14.       其他臨時或特殊交辦事項
             Others temporary or special affairs.


管理幅度(Major Responsibilities):

1.      業務/財產管理範圍(Job Scope):所屬餐廳資產、生財器具、客用消耗品、文具、電腦、餐廳鑰匙 
Scope of business/property management (Job Scope): restaurant assets, business equipment,
         customer consumables, stationery, computers, restaurant keys

2.      直接督導管理人數:   人,職位:服務員  
          Number of direct supervision, management position: Waiter/Waitress

3.      間接督導管理人數:副廚師長以下廚房同仁 
         Number of indirect supervision and management: kitchen colleagues below the sous chef