Assistant Director of Sales

RM5,000 - RM6,000 monthly
  • Iconic Hotel
  • Iconic Hotel Penang, Jalan Icon City, Bukit Tengah, Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia
  • May 07, 2024
Full time Sales Department

Job Description

1.0       Job Summary

1.1          To be in the lead role optimizing the revenue for the hotel.

1.2       To assist DOSM in managing the sales force to achieve the hotel’s business objectives as outlined in the hotel business plan.

2.0       Duties And Responsibilities

2.1       To assist DOSM direct and manage all sales related activities based on segment and territory allocation of resources. 

2.2       Responsible for the development and performance of all sales activities in assigned market.

2.3       To have consistent sales visitation to your accounts that which has been assigned to you at your area of coverage and segmentation.

2.4       Prepares action plans by individuals for effective search of sales leads and prospects.

2.5       To review weekly and monthly sales reports and call plans providing monthly reports to the General Manager in the absence of DOSM

2.6       To assist in supervising staffs within your segment ensuring that correct standards and methods of service are maintained.

2.7       To provide feedback on customers’ needs expectations for planning and forecasting purposes.

2.8       To maintain proper records, statistics and submit reports of sales activities, to participate and be involved in all aspects of the sales and marketing operations.  

2.9       To maintain secrecy of the department as well as of the hotel.

2.10     Performs H.O.D role in the absence of the DOSM  

2.11     To perform other duties as and when assigned by the Department Head.

3.0       Area of Responsibilities

3.1       Customers

3.1.1    To develop productive sales relationship with all customers at a senior level especially the major suppliers of business to the hotels.

3.1.2    To effectively manage major key accounts allocated to the position via the Sales Account Management system.

3.2       Corporate Assets

3.2.1    To exercise all reasonable care in safeguarding the hotel’s propriety information.             

3.3       Sales

3.3.1    To be responsible for the entire sales and marketing function of the hotel to ensure that it meets its annual sales budget.

4.0       Preferred Knowledge/Qualification/ Experience

Degree/Diploma in Sales & Marketing or related field, with 5 years experience in a similar role.

5.0       Financial Responsibility

5.1       To assist in preparing annual sales budget for management approval.

5.2       Assist in achieving or exceeding budgeted goals in sales, profit and occupancy for the total hotel operation.

5.3       To ensure all confirmed functions deposit are collected and payment

received upon completion of function.

6.0  Training and Development

6.1    To assist the sales team within the guidelines established by Hotel.   

6.2    Contributes to the development of sales training for each member of        

         the sales team. 

7.0       Other Assignments

7.1       To carry out any other duties assigned by the Management from time to time.