Spa & Fitness Manager

  • Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort
  • Bayou Spa, Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort, Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia
  • Nov 23, 2023
Full time Others

Job Description

Main Duties
 To develop the Standard Operating Procedures Manual and ensure its adherence.
 To establish business relationship with all vendors and to develop all product inventories.
 To establish organizational charts and job descriptions, to develop standard operating procedures for 
the club and the personnel policies for the department and facility.
 To establish an ongoing administrative control.
 To attend regular departmental communications meetings and ensure that departmental briefings and 
meetings are effective and conducted as necessary.
 To help maintain and utilize other associate communications channels, e.g., notice boards, logbooks, 
handover reports, etc.
 To oversee the effective scheduling of all services and special programming.
 To ensure that an organized and efficient filing system is implemented for the department.
 To ensure the place of work and surrounding areas are kept clean and organized at all times.
 To ensure all internal and external correspondence is in accordance with Hyatt Internationals 

 Ensures the professional and efficient operation of the Spa.
 Controls and monitors all administrative, financial and sales operations.
 Develop and maintain a detailed Department Operations Manual that reflects policies and procedures, work 
processes and standards of performance of the Spa. Esures annual review to accurately reflect any 
 Gives feedback and communicates with the Director of Operations regarding the decoration, and any other 
aesthetic arrangements
 Assists in ensuring daily/weekly/monthly departmental communication meetings are effective.

Customer Service
 To ensure that all Fitness Centre associates deliver the brand promise and provide exceptional guest 
service at all times.
 To ensure guest/member satisfaction at all times by ensuring that their safety and service is always the Spa's first priority.
 To ensure Fitness Centre associates provide the appropriate level of professional, courteous and 
caring service to other associates (internal customers) and other visitors to the division.
 To ensure that all Fitness Centre associates are familiar with the hotel’s products and services, current 
promotions, policies and other important information.
 To assist to implement consistent and to maintain a relevant guest history database.
 To handle all guest and internal customer complaints and inquiries in a courteous and efficient manner ensuring personally take ownership in following through to make sure problems are resolved by exceeding guests’ expectations. To always liaise with the Front Office Manager.
 To personally and frequently verify that guests/members are receiving the best possible service in 
Fitness Centre.

 Provides the appropriate level of professional, courteous and caring service to other associates (internal customers) and other visitors to the division.
 Ensures all associates provide a courteous and professional service at all times. 
 Handles guest and associate enquiries in a courteous and efficient manner, reporting complaints or 
problems if no immediate solution can be found, whilst feeding back a prompt follow up.
 Maintains positive guest and colleague interactions with good working relationships.
 Ensure that guest history records are up to date at all times.
 Implement consistent guest recognition programmes and maintain a relevant guest database.
 Ensure guest/member satisfaction at all times by ensuring that safety and service is always the Spa’s first priority. 
 Greets VIP guests and potential members personally as when necessary.

 To maximize associate productivity through the use of multi-skilling, multi-tasking and flexible 
scheduling to meet the financial goals of the business as well as the expectations of the guests.
 To assist to ensure that Fitness Centre operates with the lowest possible cost structure while also 
delivering on the brand promise to the guest, proactively managing costs based on key performance 
 To focus attention on improving productivity levels and the need to prudently manage utility/payroll 
costs within acceptable guidelines ensuring optimum deployment and energy efficiency of all equipment.
 To ensure that hotel, company and local rules, policies and regulations relating to money handling are 
adhered to, including the timely and accurate reporting of information.
 To assist in the preparation of the Annual Business Plan for Rooms and the responsibilities to 
encompass the area of fiscal budgeting and analysis, including the development of annual budgets for 
the various sub-departments within the Fitness Centre.
 To ensure that the use of new technology and equipment is explored and implemented wherever 
appropriate to improve productivity whilst taking work out of the system.
 To establish the control of financial operations by coordinating and administering an established plan 
with sufficient supporting schedules to enable measurement of actual performance to budget, costs 
monitoring and to ensure a proper control to achieve maximum profitability.
 To prepare operations and capital improvement budget.
 To develop the facility’s fiscal operating assumptions, facility’s business, budget and staffing plans.
 To authorise expenditures in keeping with the operating budgets as required and to approve all 
invoices before payment as required.

 Implements and monitors all systems of stock control and inventory for all operating areas within the Spa.
 Revenue-manage treatment rooms and yield to maximize revenue.
 Focus attention on improving productivity levels and the need to prudently manage utility/payroll costs. 
within acceptable guidelines ensuring optimum deployment and energy efficiency of all equipment
 Ensure new technology and equipment are embraced, improving productivity whilst taking work out of the 
 Adhere to company credit policies to ensure all revenue expected will be received.

 To ensure that all in-house rules and regulations are introduced and communicated to associates and 
 To constantly monitor and evaluate local, national and international market trends, and the competitor. 
hotels’ sales initiatives, in order to make sure the Fitness Centre programmers and equipment remain competitive and cutting edge.
 To continuously seek Public Relations opportunities to increase awareness and ultimately business.
 To greet VIP guests and potential members personally as and when necessary.
 To attend relative functions, promotions for and on behalf of the Fitness Centre when necessary.

 Develop a systematic learning plan and is responsible for delivering and implementing hands-on learning for all types of approved treatments available in Spa.
 Ensure associates are fully conversant with the correct technical and service standards and product knowledge in carrying out various treatments which ensures treatments are carried out and provided a 
memorable service at all times for guests.
 Act as a quality control person on all treatments by conducting frequent and thorough inspection.
 Develop and maintain an ‘exclusive’ appropriate treatment menu for Spa, detailing the required preparation, 
equipment, procedures, sequence of service/steps, standards of performance for each of the created 
 Ensure continued follow up by monitoring the standards of performance of the Spa team in carrying out 
treatment practices and provide corrective coaching, motivation and support to the team.
 Ensure the Spa operates successfully and is individually profitable in accordance with the standard of the hotel.
 Manage, train, and motivate all personnel reporting to this position.
 Meet with group meeting planners to show Spa facility and programs as required.
 Promote and sell customized Spa programs and retail products to guests as required.
 Administration and implementation of associates learning in all aspects of Spa operations i.e., treatments and services (massage, body treatments, facials, manicure, pedicure etc.), Retail sales, Business telephone usage, Guest relations, etc.
 Ensure effective communication amongst all departments within the hotel.
 Work closely with Housekeeping and Engineering Department to ensure that the Spa Treatment areas, 
therapy rooms, accommodation, reception and corridor, fitness and exercise studios and exterior areas are cleaned, and equipment is functioning properly.
 Ensures the Spa operates with a warm, sincere attitude with poise and elegance and all personnel are aware of services available within the hotel, which will assist, with the maximization of guest satisfaction and revenue.
 Carry out treatments for designated VIPs and in event of emergencies as dictated by the management of Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort, Spa and Spa consultant.
 Provide support in all Spa related areas.
 Regularly inspect treatment rooms and the Spa facilities to ensure cleanliness and the maintenance of the same. 
 Implement a 12-month promotion calendar for product and treatment.

 To ensure that all company minimum brand standards have been implemented, and that optional brand standards have been implemented where appropriate.
 To ensure through effective supervision that all services offered in the Fitness Centre are always available and carried out with the utmost efficiency and courtesy as per the Fitness Centre
Departmental Operations Manual.
 To assist the Front Office Manager in every aspect of the operation as requested.
 To assist to direct operations of facility including short- and long-range strategic planning so that the 
facility operates cost effectively and efficiently.
 To assist in positioning and monitoring of the facility’s business relationship with food and beverage ensuring a harmonious business fit.
 To meet with group meeting planners to show Fitness Centre facility and program as required.
 To promote and to sell customized fitness program to conference groups as required.
 To provide and is responsible for the professional delivery of all information on the telephone and in 
person to all potential members.
 To assist in the implementation of 12-month market strategies and new business and market identification.
 To assist in the implementation of 12-month public relations program such as calendar of events.
 To work efficiently with the Marketing Communications Department in all aspects of fitness promotions and media as required.
 To work with advertising and promotion as required.
 To assist in the supervision/operation of all departments such as Fitness Centre, Reception, Facility 
Operations, Swimming Pool, etc.
 To ensure effective communication between Fitness Centre, Swimming Pool and all other hotel departments.
 To take active measure to assist in the promotion, associate and guest awareness of the Fitness Centre and Swimming Pool.
 To main a close inspection of the state of the building and all Fixed Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) and 
Operating Equipment (OE) and to take necessary corrective action to keep the above in excellent condition at all times.
 To work closely with other Department Heads in a supportive and flexible manner, focusing on the 
overall success of the hotel and the satisfaction of hotel guests.
 To respond to the results of the Consumer Audit and Guest Satisfaction surveys as well as any other surveys conducted by the Company ensuring that the relevant changes are implemented. Quality, 
consistency and attention to details to be focused on at all times.