RM3,000 - RM4,000 yearly
  • Eagle Ranch Resort
  • Nov 23, 2023
Full time Sales Department Marketing Department

Job Description


Maintain  and  promote  a  team  work  environment  with  effective  and  clear communication amongst co-workers.

Ensure  best  client  service  is  beinp  made  available  through  communication amongst  the  team,  cross  training  within  the  department  and  appropriate office coverage.

Works  with  sales  managers  to  ensure  understanding  of  sales  strategy  and effective implementation of this strategy for the segment.

Works     with     management     team     to     create     and     implement     a sales plan addressing revenue, customers and the market for the segment led by the SSM.

Ref  example  through  professional,  friendly  attitude  towards  clients  and  co- workers,  timely response  to clients and co-workers needs and observance  of sales office standard."     

Ensure resort meets or exceeds budgeted goals.

Follow and track company cross-sell procedures.

Utilize company profile  database  to  determine  geographic  areas  for travel agent caIIS While maintaining top and existing travel agent accounts."

Organize  travel  agent  month  and  travel  agent  appreciafion  rates  for  slow months."              

Assisting with the development and implementation of promotions, both internet and  external."          

Creating a focus on attracting new business.      

Review  and approves  any special  corporate  negotiated rates by signing the contract. 

Recommends monthly room nights target goals for sales team members.           

Maintain  and  expand  corporate  incentive  program  via direct  mail, personal visits etc.

Oversee and ensure the Updated of rates, promotions on hotel website, OTA's (Online travel agents), GDS etc. without any rate parity."              

Follow and promote hotel standards with guests, co-workers.  

Monitors all day to day activities of direct reports.           



Attending and contributing to the monthly sales strategy meeting.         

Updating  and  owning  the  sales  strategy  &  sales  plan  with  the  Directors  of Operations.      

Provides  positive  and  aggressive  leadership   to  ensure  maximum  revenue potential {e.g., sets example with personal booking goals)  

Provides  positive  and  aggressive  leadership   to  ensure  maximum  revenue potential (e.g., sets example with personal booking goals)  

Participates  in sales calls with members  of sales team to acquire new business and/or close on business."         

Develop  and  send informotive  press  releoses  to  torgeted  lists  highlighting  all activities and promotions."    

Consolidate  month end sales report applicable information.      

Evaluates  and  drives  the  hotel's  participation  in  the  various  sales  channels, Market Sales, Event Booking Centres, electronic lead channels, etc.

Be actively involved in the preparation of the marketing plan as requested by Superiors."           

Actively participate in achieving hotel's budgets especially rooms'  budget.          

Executives and   supports the  operational  aspects  of  business  booked  (e.g., generating proposal, writing contract, customer correspondence).      

A  dynamic  and  a  ‘finisher’  with  on  eye  for  detail  and  the  ability  to  drive through solutions.