Finance Assistant

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru, Jalan Ngee Heng, Bandar Johor Bahru, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
  • Jul 31, 2023
Full time Finance Department

Job Description


The job of Finance Assistant was established for the purpose/s of providing support for department functions with specific responsibility for performing activities related to the accurate processing of authorized invoices; recording, updating and reconciling related financial information; and providing instructions and/or accounting support to other personnel in accordance with established practices.


Responsibilities :

Performs duties and responsibilities commensurate with assigned functional area which may include any combination of the following tasks :


1.       Processing of debtors invoice all the company, travel agent, group, and the employee (city ledger) accounts;

·         Checked the rate according to the contract;

·         Ensure the supporting document are sufficient for billing;

·         Ensure the correct billing was route to the correct accounts;

·         Ensure the billing address is correct;

·         Ensure all the rebate are done correctly and approved for;

·         Ensure all the billing are sent out timely, according to company policy;


2.       Posting of payment;

·         Ensure the all the payment are posted into Debtors accounts accordingly;

·         Ensure all the payment are posted to correct debtors accounts;

·         All the payment are updated into system not later than 2 days after payment received;

·         Ensure all the payments are updated before month end closing;

·         All unidentified payment should forward to Credit section to check / follow up;

·         All the payment shall be allocate to respective invoice accordingly;


3.       Credit Card Accounts;

·         Ensure all the credit card daily reconciliation is done daily;

·         Ensure all the settlement report by credit card terminal are match with the total transaction;

·         Ensure all the charges are being properly authorized by card holders;

·         Ensure the payment of credit card being reconcile and allocated accordingly;

·         Ensure all the excess funds being investigate, and refunds was done according to the hotel policy and procedure;

·         Ensure the preparation of all credit card rebates/refunds with complete supporting document to banks upon approval from superior;

·         Ensure credit card discount / commission are properly counted and accrued into accounts;

·         Ensure all the credit card transaction is translated into accounting system;


4.       Travel Agent Commission;

·         Prepared travel agent commission, every week;

·         Ensure the travel agent commission is forward to central payment processing;

·         Ensure others travel agent commission, payable locally are paid within the timeline;

·         Ensure all the travel agent commission payment are reconcile accordingly;


5.       Maintain and manage billing systems on daily basis;


6.       Check and ensure all supporting documents are attached i.e. folios and guest checks signed by the customers, charges are in line with contractual agreements for Credit card payment;


7.       Employee Ledger;

·         Ensure all the employee ledger shall be forward to Paymaster for payroll deduction;

·         Ensure all resigned team member are made the payment to the accounts;

·         Ensure all the discount are allocated correctly to employee ledger;

·         Ensure all the billing of employee ledger are charge correctly to the respective employee ledger accounts;


8.       Clearing accounts;

·         Ensure the outstanding in the clearing accounts had being investigate and clear before month end closing;

·         Ensure all the cleaning accounts shall be zero at the end of the month;


9.       Allowance, adjustment, rebate, and Refund;

·         Ensure all the allowance, adjustment and rebate in the debtors ledger being properly approved and posted;

·         Ensure all the excess deposit by the guest or company are refunds according to the company policy;


10.   Communication;

·         Dealing with any accounts enquiries and correspondence received;

·         Work closed with credit section to ensure improvement in Debtors aging;

·         Communicate promptly with the Credit Manager on any discrepancies in billing payments and other potential problems;


11.   Debtors Aging;

·         Responsible to ensure the debtors aging is always up-to-date;

·         Responsible for long outstanding aging, and follow with investigation;

12.   Others Task;

·         Ensure all the policy and procedure are compliance is local regulation, SPI’s, GPI’s and others requirement by Management and Owner;

·         Control the advance deposits account and ensure that credits are applied properly or refunded if not used;

·         Assist in developing and implementing a Direct Debit payment system;

·         Prepare month-end reports and reconciliation as prescribed by policies and procedures for all receivable accounts including credit card;

·         Perform any additional duties as assigned by Director of Finance or Assistant Financial Controller;