Restaurant Manager

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru, Jalan Ngee Heng, Bandar Johor Bahru, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
  • Jul 31, 2023
Full time F&B Department

Job Description


Responsible for overall administration and operation of the restaurant/bar and to maintain a high and consistent standard of service in line with the administration policies of the Food and Beverage Manager. Perform the role of a service team leader for an outstanding service for guest at all time.



Ability to maintain and develop an elegantly appointed environment, with superior staff, dedicated to an attentive, distinctive experience for all dining periods.


Other Considerations:

-          Develop and maintain an elegantly appointed environment, with superior staff, dedicated to an attentive, distinctive experience for all dining periods.

-          Hire, train, supervises and disciplines all outlet staff.

-          Maintain a friendly yet unobtrusive manner with all guests.

-          Possess a management ability that ensures a successful handling of the outlets

-          Able to control reservations and seating of the outlet with regards to service standards.

-          Ensure the correct and consistent service techniques for various meal periods will be demonstrated by all team members.

-          Anticipate, in advance, all materials and supplies and assure their availability.

-          Control usage of all food and beverage items and appropriate usage of equipment, tools and service equipment.

-          Observe daily conditions of all physical facilities and equipment in the restaurant/bar; makes recommendations for corrections and improvements as needed.

-          Prepare team member schedules, which allow for appropriate service while controlling labor costs and overtime.

-          Communicate with other departments to ensure a supporting team of professionals.

-          Communicate with the Chef to discuss menus, marketing strategies and guest comments and concerns.

-          Ensure a safe working environment for all team members within the outlet.

-          Forecast covers and revenues and then schedules accordingly.

-          Develop all staff for future advancement. The ability to recommend salary adjustments, transfers, promotions and dismissals.

-          Prepare daily and weekly payroll as required by the Controller.

-          Understand all food and beverage items offered, including ingredients, methods of preparation and proper service. Also, an expert knowledge of beverages, spirits, liquors, wines and cocktails.

-          Complete and conduct performance evaluations for all employees.

-          Maintain a daily log for communication between outlet team members and with upper management.


-          Attend and participate in all required meetings.

-          Promote teamwork and foster a harmonious working climate.

-          Promote good public relations and handle complaints or concerns of guests.

-          Handle all inventories directly involved with the operation of the outlet.

-          Utilize the computer system in ringing, printing and closing checks as well as shift reports or any other Office usage

-          Recognize and address potential disruptive or undesirable guests.

-          Ability to process a guest walks out.

-          Handle and to input all reservation and to update on private booth bookings.

-          Properly handle and report employee and guest accidents.

-          Respond properly in any hotel emergency or safety situation.

-          Perform other tasks or projects as assigned by hotel management and staff.

-          Lay out goals and develop strategies to accomplish said goals.

-          Forecast necessary staffing and its related dollar expenditure to get the job done.

-          Continually be aware of departmental needs as they relate to production and staffing.

-          Forecast workloads and checks work schedules prepared by subordinate managers for all outlet employees.

-          Developing job descriptions and reviewing them periodically to ensure their continuing understanding and acceptance.

-          Control standards, performance, employees' conduct, dress code, appearance, sanitation, etc., according to established policies.

-          Formulate and recommend changes to improve employees' performance and teamwork.

-          Review performance with every subordinate on an annual basis.

-          Keep employees informed about hotel policies and changes. Develops analysis and implements merchandising that meet the profile of Hilton Hotels and guest patronage. Manages and controls overall expenses of the outlets focusing on higher revenue and profit.

-          Check weekly payroll for hourly staff.

-          Work in co-operation with the Chef to ensure top quality and fair prices and to see that below standard items are never accepted or served.

-          The ability to keep informed of special events such as Christmas, New Year etc.

-          Knowledge of Micros system of hotel

-          Keep the waste factor in the hotel at a minimal level.

-          Maintain all inventories and par stocks.

-          Must have working knowledge of Profit and Loss statement.

-          Must be able to calculate and control Food & Beverage cost.

-          Ability to calculate food cost and ability to budget and control expenses

-          Assist and produce divisional budget, revenue and expenses.

-          Ability in all facets of Human Resources nature interviewing, evaluating, discipline, termination.

-          Maintain current prices and approved purveyors listed based on quality, service and cost of all related food and beverage items for requisitioning purposes, store inventories, cost control procedures and forecasts.