Chef De Partie (Asian/Western)

RM3,000 monthly
  • Opero Hotel Southkey, JB, Jalan Southkey 1/2, Kota Southkey, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
  • Sep 05, 2023
Full time Kitchen Department

Job Description


1. Maintain a friendly, neat and pleasant image at all times
2. Assign in details, specific duties to all employees under supervision and instruct them in their work
3. Work very closely with the Chief Steward whose duty is to keep kitchen areas clean and orderly. Insist upon meticulous cleanliness and orderliness
4. Insist on personal cleanliness and proper discipline of all employees under supervision
5. Work very closely with the Sous Chef in determining quality and quantity of food materials. Keep a close watch over all material used. With a view of eliminating waste and spoilage, especially meat, fish products etc
6. Discuss with the Executive Chef and recommend menu price and adjustments when warranted
7. Responsible for the quality of all food prepared in the kitchen under supervision. Check constantly for taste, temperature and visual appeal. Make sure that all dishes are uniform and that the established portion sized are adhered to
8. Assure that soiled or damaged serving utensils are not put into use, watch particularly for cracked or chipped chine and glassware and train staff to follow this rule
9. Check maintenance of all equipment located in the area under supervision. Make every attempt to prevent damage or loss of properties
10. Be constantly on the alert for new products that may improve the quality of food or lower food cost or both. Make suggestion to the Executive Chef concerning improvements which would tent to make more satisfied customers 
and/or increase the volume of business or profit at the Hotel
11. Be aware of all house rules and obey them and also assist in enforcing them. Conduct in such manner so as to encourage fellow employees to do likewise
12. To take active interest in the training and career development of their subordinates to increase their competence in their present position and/or to prepare them for higher position


  1. SPM/ Certificate / Diploma in Culinary Art
  2. Good knowledge of hot & cold cooking. Able to supervise, motivate, lead and organize
  3. 5 years in the kitchen


  1. Annual leave starting from 14 days
  2. Group term life for 60 months of last drawn salary
  3. Cash benefit for marriage and new born from RM200 and above
  4. Minimum of RM1,000 and above for outpatient medical, dental and vision benefits including family