Sales Executive

RM3,000 - RM4,000 monthly
  • Remote
  • Apr 06, 2023
Full time Sales Department

Job Description

As a Sales Executive, you will be responsible for optimizing hotel revenues by actively promoting and selling the facilities and services offered by the hotel, in accordance with the policies and procedures set by the Hotel Manager.

You will be required to implement all sales activities specific to your area of responsibility, and work collaboratively with other departments to achieve sales targets and goals. Your role will involve developing and maintaining strong relationships with clients, identifying new business opportunities, negotiating contracts, and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. Ultimately, your goal will be to increase revenue and profitability for the hotel by delivering exceptional sales performance.

1.     Optimizes hotel revenues by taking any opportunity to sell hotel facilities and services.

2.     Minimizes expenses of office supplies and vehicles by using modern communication technologies and handles office equipment and machinery with care to avoid unnecessary repair and replacement costs.

3.     Promotes and maintains good public relations when in contact with members, guests, contractors and suppliers.

4.     Responds to guest and potential client’s needs immediately and continuously follows up on tentative and confirmed bookings.

5.     Conducts frequently courtesy visits to producers and potential producers.

6.     Performs sales activities both inside and outside the hotel on a regular basis.

7.     Initiates in the formulation of the sales plan identifying markets and customers.

8.     Supports the sales and marketing efforts in catering to the needs of our clients and guests.

9.     Enhances the promotion of sales by all means, government bodies, NGOs, corporate bodies and OTAs (online travel agents).

10.  Attends all sales related meetings such as Sales and F&B Meeting.

11.  Develops good relations with local ground operators.

12.  Works closely with other sales employees for the development of different markets.