Team Member, Housekeeping (Seamtress/ Tailor)

  • Amari SPICE Penang
  • Amari SPICE Penang
  • Feb 01, 2023
Full time Housekeeping Deparment

Job Description


• Similarly in uniform room service person responsibility.
• When need works in tailoring, the sewing work.
• Patching and revision dining cloth grass.
• Patches and revises the staff uniform.
• Other work which arranges by the uniform manager.

Patching and revision dining cloths grass
• In the patching replacement process discovers the dining cloth grass which may patch.
• Patching because the use periodic fragments, eclipse the hole dining cloth grass.

Patches and revises the staff uniform
• Patches the uniform that fits the staff.
• Simple patching does not affect the clothing standard the tattered uniform.
• The manufacture dining promotion activity needs the special uniform.
• The manufacture moves the ornament specially which the department needs.

Patches and wash the customer's clothing, to request the revision clothing according to the visitor
• Patches the visitor clothing according to customer's request.
• Instruction patching washes clothes the guest clothes according to laundry room manager which needs to patch.
• Other the work which arrange by the uniform manager.
• The tailoring labor continues always does the tailoring work, also is the uniform service person to relay, and the uniform post work.


- Preferably with vocational experience.
- Relevant experience in related field.



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