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To safeguard the physical well being of the hotel’s property, employees and guests safety.  Maintain the highest standard of security of ensure satisfaction for all concerned while adhering to standards required by the hotel.






·         To ensure that only on - duty employees are allowed to enter the hotel premises.


·         To ensure that off duty employees are not allowed entry without permission of the department head concerned. Should permission be granted, the staff shall record on the ‘off duty staff movement log book.


·         To ensure that no ex-employees enter the hotel premises without approval of the Human Resources Manager or Security Manager or Duty Manager.


·         To report and detain any hotel staff other than those authorised to be on the floor.


·         To ensure that no hotel property to be taken out without proper authorisation from the relevant Head of Department.


·         To ensure that on duty employees intending to leave the hotel premises on specific purpose e.g. going to bank, etc. shall produce written approval or “Employees movement form” to be filled by the department concerned


·         To ensure that the day to day routine relating to search of employees’ parcel must be strictly adhered to.


·         Ensure that unauthorised employees, off duty employees and ex-employees do not loiter of frequent the Lobby Area.


Contractors, vendors and visitors movement


·         To ensure that contract workers shall be given “contractors” ID tag in exchange for his identity card The contract workers must be escorted by the Engineering staff to the said working areas


·         To ensure that all outsiders who have been issued ‘Visitors, Contractors and Vendors” passes to surrender the same, upon leaving the staff entrance/exit point even for whatever reason.


·         To ensure all visitors, especially contractors and suppliers wear proper shoes upon entering the hotel premises.


·         To ensure that all suppliers and their workers are issued with ‘Vendor’ passes in exchange for their identity card before they are allowed to enter the hotel premises


·         To ensure that vehicles coming into the loading/unloading bay area are properly parked so as not to cause any traffic congestion.


·         To stop any vehicles from entering the loading bay area if the area is already been parked with other vehicles.


·         To ensure that vehicles are properly parked while waiting for turn to enter the loading bay areas.


·         To ensure that no hotel property is being taken out without authorised documents duly issued.


·         To do random checks on garbage truck leaving the loading bay area.


·         To prevent anybody loitering around the hotel area.


·         To ensure that no undesirable character enter the hotel premises


·         To ensure that no outsiders including relatives, families or friends of hotel’s employee to enter the hotel premises without permission from the management.


·         To ensure any job seekers that comes to the hotel to be given hotel telephone number and ask them to contact Human Resources Department for further appointment.



Guest floor


·         To perform the duty of a prowler on the guests floors.


·         To stop unauthorised person(s) from entering the guests rooms or loiter along the corridors of the guests floor. This includes hotel staff other than those authorised to be on the floor.



·         To ensure that all guestroom doors are properly locked and secured.


·         Do not enter any guestroom other than for purpose of ascertaining an emergency situation such as fire.


·         To ensure that all floor pantry rooms are locked/closed and secured.


·         To ensure that all fire extinguishers and fire hoses are in good working order.


·         To ensure that all fire warning system (break-glass, sprinkler valves, smoke detectors) are in proper condition.


·         To ensure that the fire emergency doors and staircase are not obstructed.


·         Articles found on the guest floors to be handed over to housekeeping and description of articles to be recorded in the “Lost and Found” register book.


·         Be alert for any sign or smell of smoke or any other danger signals emitting from guestrooms.


·         To collect all doorknobs breakfast request menus and send them down to Room Service.


·         To collect any key left in the keyhole of the guest room and hand them to the Front Office and reports to the Security Control Room for record purposes.


·         To prevent any form of soliciting by prostitutes or pimps.


·         To monitor movements of prostitutes who are in the company of room guests.





·         To ensure that vagabonds and all known undesirable characters are removed from the hotel premises.


·         To keep a close watch on people loitering in the vicinity of the guest lift lobby, and approach all suspected undesirables character. Politely enquire as to their purpose of being in the area. If they are non-guest or merely visitors, refer them to the Front Desk.


·         To ensure that transvestite is not permitted to enter the hotel premises or patronise any of the outlets if he is not accompanied by guests.


·         To ensure that call girls and prostitutes do not enter the hotel premises to solicit for client.


·         To alert Security assistant on duty at the control room of the presence of any suspected undesirable character with details of his/her physical description, dress and race. The security assistant on duty at the control room will then alert all other security on duty through walkie-talkie.


·         To monitor movements of prostitutes and transvestite who are in the company of hotel guests.


Security/Fire Control Room


·         To ensure that the Security Control Room is kept clean and tidy.


·         Ensure that the CCTV monitors, recording decks and walkie-talkie sets are in good operating conditions.


·         Be alert and constantly monitor the CCTV monitors for any unexpected incident.


·         In the absence of Senior Security Officer, ensure that the daily use keys (such as bar, stores, outlets keys, etc.) are accounted for movement of these keys are properly recorded in the relevant log books.


·         Constantly monitors the movement and whereabouts of Security Officer on duty by communicating through the walkie-talkie.


·         To record all relevant information (feedback) received from the Security Officer on duty in the Log Book.


·         If the need arises, to issue instructions to the Security Officer on duty for the enhancement of their job performance.


·         Ensure that the Fire Alarm Control Room is kept clean and tidy at all times.


·         To ensure that the fire alarm control panel is in good operating condition.  Any malfunctioning must be immediately reported to the Maintenance Department.


·         To monitor the lift system and shall report any malfunctioning to the Maintenance Department immediately.


·         No unauthorised person(s) is allowed inside the FACR.


·         To see the safety of all items/equipment inside the FACR.


·         To be well versed with procedures relating to fire emergency.




Lobby Driveway


·         To ensure a smooth flow of traffic and no vehicle causes obstruction along the driveway.


·         To ensure that there is no touting for passengers by taxi drivers along the driveway.


·         To prevent any persons loitering in the car-park area.


·         To record the particulars of vehicles found parked in the car-park with noticeable damage mark such as broken head-lights, signal lights, wind screen, dented bumper, etc.

·         To ensure that all fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire hose reels are 2accounted for and in good condition.


·         To perform other duties related or unrelated to Security, as requested by the guest, the Security Manager or any other person designated by him/her.

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